Apple & Starbucks, can you both just stop already

March 28, 2015

When did corporations become our moral authority? I keep coming across articles about Tim Cook at Apple wanting to hire a more diverse work force. Is that based on skill or to make him feel good? Why not try hiring the most qualified people for the job. If the most qualified are gay black women with one leg living on a deserted island somewhere, so be it.

Tim recently had a female lobbiest fired because he found out she didn’t beleive in gay marriage. So you want diversity, but they must beleive everything you do? Hmmm.

Starbucks recently had the bright ideal of putting “race together” on their cups of coffee. It was to start a conversation about race relations in America.

These companies make me wanna buy an android phone & go grab a cup of coffee at dunkin donuts. Apple & Starbucks do gadgets & coffee, do what you do & shut up!


Obama says Tea Party is racist!

March 5, 2011

No joke! I’d love for O to ask Herman Cain (a black man) why he’s part of this racist movement!

I thought by electing a black president, the race relations in this country were going to continue to improve. I think he’s taking things in the exact opposite direction by making comments like this & the one about how the officer in Massachusetts was acting stupidly. He may speak better than Bush, but what is this crap coming from his mouth?

So apparently, if you think our countries debt is out of control & that some of our founding liberties are being striped away (the healthcare bill), your a racist! & when conservatives stood up against Bill Clinton, it was racist as well!

Being called a racist might be one of the sickest claims to make on anyone without proof.


March 5, 2011

Michael Huckabee has been thinking about running for president in 2012 & I have to say I hope he just goes away altogether. This guy has said things in the past & just recently that I cant get with.

Huck once said “the effort to allow gays and lesbians to marry is comparable to legalizing incest, polygamy and drug use”

He recently said “Obama was raised in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather”. Has this guy lost his mind? I know we should always question things, but don’t make such outrageous impact-full statements like this unless you have proof or at least a sniff of it!

& Just a few days ago made a comment about Natalie Portman having a baby out of wedlock. You know it would be great if she were married prior, but come on, we don’t live in a perfect world & its none of his business since it doesn’t effect other people than the ones involved. He has the right to believe these things & use that in his faith, but he shouldn’t be casting judgement.


Live ammo found around the Wisconsin Capital!

March 5, 2011

40 live rounds of ammo found around the Wisconsin Capital.

I know theirs no proof that a protestor left this ammo lying around, but its kinda funny no one in the mainstream media is covering this! If the tea party had dropped a lighter at a rally, they’d be accused of going on a pyro torching killing spree!

Who knows, but I’ve seen a few stupid signs at a tea party rallies, but my god theres a lot of hate signs at these liberal rallies. Who’s to say the couple of stupid signs at the tea party rallies were not planted? Goes both ways.

You gotta love this guy!

March 4, 2011

Ok, so Michael Moore made a movie about how awful capitalism is, although he’s made millions & millions from capitalism itself. This guy talks awful about anyone with money & that its actually not theirs, but he has an estimated 25-50 million himself. This guy thinks Bush & the government had something to do with 9/11. So now he thinks our country isn’t broke. Has he seen the sign above? Its only 14,205,821,700,000. Who said you have to give your money to someone else to help em? His idea, just tax it away from them, its not theirs!

Did you know 40-47% of low income Americans pay 0% income tax? The top 2% of the wealthy are the ones paying most of the tax bill. The middle class makes up the 51-58% in the middle. So who’s getting screwed? How about a flat tax? If your one of these “social justice” people & want to make everything fair, how about that? Because up until this point, all you people want to do is tax more of the wealth. Can you explain how taking from one to give to another is justice? Sounds like stealing to me & I don’t even have skin in the game, just looks obvious to me.

Only in America do hypocritical, greedy, conspiracy theorist get airtime to spew the crap this guy does. & a crap load of people believe him! What he doesn’t understand is that the unions he supports are the reason his beloved Flint Michigan & the whole American auto industry have been destroyed from within.

PS. He’s also suing producers (Harvey & Bob Weinstein) for 2.7 million in alleged profits he didn’t receive from a back-end deal for Fahrenheit 9/11. Not sure if theirs any merit to the law suite, but why does he want more money? Isn’t that evil? It’s not his right!

I’m trying to score video from Moore’s interview. I’ll put it up as soon as I’m able.

The only sorta cute terrorist!

March 2, 2011

I’m not really one to make fun of people, but if you like to kill innocent people & I have to take my freaking shoes off & get groped every time i get on a plane, then suck it wi-killa!

This little fella’s gonna go jihad on your infidel nuts! Maybe a normal sized terrorists could use this one as a human hand-grenade! Just think about the possibilities they’ve got by having this little weapon! We have military guys that poop bigger than him! He’s a roadside bomb! When all the big boy terrorist hop on their camels, this one rolls on his big wheel! Wouldn’t a sling shot look more appropriate in this kids hands? Maybe he could shoot spit wads! Take it easy opening your mailbox cause they could mail this little gangsta to ya! If terrorist that are tall enough to ride the big boy rides at the amusement park get 72 virgins when they die, does this one only get 36 since he’s half the terrorist?

President Chris Christie, Herman Cain or Paul Ryan?

February 16, 2011

None have said they are running yet, but these are the people I’m trying to learn more about. It looks like Mr Cain is the only one taking a serious look at running to this point, but who knows.

Chris Christie – NO BS! This guy tells you how it is, even if it hurts.
Herman Cain – All business & heart. Our next president needs to have a business background to get us back in gear. This guy makes you proud to be from the US of A!
Paul Ryan – One smart SOB! The numbers guy that seems to have our countries future as his #1 priority.

I know these speeches are long, but they give you a good insight into what each of these guys are all about.

Why Teachers RULE & Unions SUCK!

February 16, 2011

Most teachers are awesome & do a great service to better our world, BUT the unions are a disgrace!

Unions protect bad teachers, bad teachers produce poor students & poor students develop into bad adults.

I keep reading about how our country needs to do something to get our kids graduation rates & scores up. The problem is, politicians continues to make the mistake of just throwing money at a broken system expecting a different result. The liberals continue to say we need to give more of our tax money to the school system & try to make the conservatives feel guilty for seeing through the smoke & mirrors. Liberals will say, “look, the conservatives don’t have teachers or the kids backs, they don’t want to help”. All the liberals are doing is protecting their votes for future elections by getting more & more money to the teacher unions.

People need to wake. Teachers need to be tested on a regular basis & make sure the good teachers are up to par & the bad ones are flipping burgers at the fast food restaurant down the street. Is that unfair? What would happen to you if you sucked at your job? It would be burger king for you too!

Watch this video of teachers using their own students as props in a pro union protest that they don’t even know why they’re there! Just sad!

What do you think?

Best rendition of The National Anthem by far!

February 8, 2011

After all the Christina Aguilera National Anthem banter, I thought I’d remind people of the greatest version of all time. Who can make the National Anthem sexy?


February 7, 2011
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This is actually a crap load of pictures taken every few seconds & turned into video clip, its called a timelapse. Makes me wanna go outside & stair at the stars. You can see the milky way moving across the sky.

Not sure why, but I really like these, makes me feel really small when you see something like this!